Bug reports and praise (lots of praise)

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Bug reports and praise (lots of praise)

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Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love modizer so much. I used to cycle thru a couple of incomplete & half-hearted yet pricier iOS MOD players before this -- having to put up with many of their deficiencies (mainly awfully-chosen playback engine libraries and crappy UI). The first version of modizer was recommended to me by one of my industry composer friends last year, and I was immediately hooked. It eventually became my most-used app on my iPhone (aside from Safari & Twitter). I listen to a lot of tracked material of different formats, especially impulsetracker and NES chiptunes... as well as the occasional Amiga custom format tune. And I must say your excellent program served me very well during otherwise boring hourly train rides :) Please keep up the great work with the app!

I do have some bug reports regarding the latest version (v1.3), please bear with me here...

- The "Default Maximum Length" setting seems to be broken. It's completely ignored and defaults to 2:30 no matter what value. I have quite a few GME-based files that don't have definite song length data (read: plain NSFs), and their actual song lengths often go beyond 2:30 before looping. My ad-hoc solution so far is to enable infinite time mode. This problem existed since v1.2 (though at the time it was made worse due to songs fading out immediately after starting playback when infinite-time mode was enabled... I was sooooo glad that was fixed in v1.3!).

- In the song information screen, the "Copyright" field seems to be missing for regular NSF files (instead it shows a blank "Dumper" & "Song" field, which are only valid for NSFE files). Also, the player's title bar seems to only use the filename, even if "Game" title data exists in the NSF's header.

- There seems to be something wonky going on with the "Master Volume" setting. The first few seconds of a song seem to have the volume set to the default level, then afterwards the volume level suddenly jumps to whatever Master Volume is set to. This kind of makes the setting useless unless I want the first few seconds of the song to have an undesired change in its volume level. And as a result, I leave it untouched on the default setting -- even though I really do want to boost the level a bit.

Web browser:
- The URL bar seems to be treated like a normal text form field. This means that inputting URLs manually can be quite a pain due to iOS's autocorrect feature, as well as not having the usual URL macro keys on the keyboard panel.

For reference, I use an iPhone 3GS with the latest public firmware installed.

Again, please keep up the great work! This is a completely awesome app that deserves a lot more attention.
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Re: Bug reports and praise (lots of praise)

thanks for your detailed report!
I've just added the required fix/changes in the 1.4beta.