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Feature Changes

Hi, I posted months ago about an issue playing files in an archive such as SPCs in a RAR, and in the last few versions the issue was resolved, so thanks for your continued work. :)

I also had a question. In recent versions of Modizer (I think it started in 1.5) the automatic fade-out for looped tracks is MUCH more harsh than it has been. It used to gently fade out over the course of several seconds, now not only does it fade completely out in less than a second, but it also seems to happen a few seconds earlier in the track end than it used to. Is there a feature or option that I need to explore to change that back to the gradual fade out?

Also not to give ambiguous bug reports, but also lately several of my archives have been failing to load at all. They are minipsf files contained in a RAR archive. The offending archives will crash Modizer on load without playing them at all. However not all minipsf/RAR archives are affected. The files in question played fine in previous versions (barring the resolved issue mentioned previous) and only broke just recently, I think also starting in 1.5.

The device in question is an unmodified 3rd generation iPod running iOS 5.1. Please let me know if you need any further details or testing.