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Format suggestions and resources!

Hi yoyo! I was a betatester early on, but i stopped receiving updates?
Well I bought Modizer and I love it! I have some format suggestions and links to players. I hope you consider some of them. =)
I'd be happy to be on the beta team again btw. =)

Klystrack, similiar to AHX but multiplatform and with more feats.

ZXTune Plays a lot of spectrum formats!

M1 This is an arcade and pinball sound emulator.
Mac Source:

VGMStream This is vgmstream, a library for playing streamed audio from video games. This is the successor of in_cube! More multiplatform friendly code, etc. It's made by the same author as in_cube, so I guess it will support all formats that in_cube supports, eventually. It's said to be VERY portable contrary to in_cube.

This is a variant of the PSF Format, using a version byte of 0x23, for Super NES music.
This format exists for SNES music drivers that require the use of the main CPU, and thus can't be fully represented in SPC format.

in_wsr A Wonderswan music player! It plays .wsr tunes! Can it get more exotic and lovely?

inFMPMD plays OVI, OPI, OZI, M, M2 and MZ (NEC-PC98) music!
The PC98 is an old Japanese try at making a common standard for computers it seems.
Lots of.. ehm, interesting games for grown ups was released for it among others.

PMD Plays music from the japanese P/ECE handheld. Not the same as FMPMD.

PPD/PPG/PPX Plays PCM music from the japanese P/ECE handheld.

plays Organya (.org) music (From Cave Story etc)
Player source:
Lib source:

Sam Cope (cop/sng)

Beats of Rage music player:

Interplay audio:

megatracker player:

*** More detailed info about some formats and links to example music can be found in this thread: