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Smart Playlists?


I just discovered Modizer and I am impressed about the functionality. Thanks for this great piece of software :)

I only miss one thing:

I have no favorite chip tunes so far, so I have to build up my library of favorites. But how to do this?
My first thoughts were to download the complete HVSC. Then I let it play randomly from this library. If I like a track I rate it with 3 to 5 stars. If I do not like it, I rate it with 1 star. To avoid that already rated songs are played again, it would be nice to have a "smart" playlist, like "please play all files randomly, but only those which have 0 stars".

The "Favorites" Playlist is good so far, but has not enough possibilities.
1. I can not decide to play only files with a specific rating.
2. I can not decide to play only files with a specific rating in a specific folder or other kind of properties.
2. I can not copy my favorites library back to the PC for using with another device/player.

Some kind of smart playlist (or filter playlist) like in iTunes would solve this problem.
And an additional feature: "delete all files from the library which are in a playlist" would give the possibility to delete all unwanted files (a playlist of all files with 1 star rating). This enables us to have a clean favorites library which we can copy back to the PC via FTP for using in another platform/player.

Do you think this would be much effort to program?

best regards